I found the clinic to be very neat and the doctor competent!! It has the latest facilities and the Dr. Rishi gave me a patient hearing. He diagnosed me with lichen planus and gave me a treatment. Needless to say I was fine within a month. I am extremely satisfied!! - Manshi Dutta, New Delhi

I heard about Dr. Rishi Parashar from my brother-in-law as a genius doctor, whose diagnosis is his strength. I took treatment for over 9-10 month from alternative medicines and as well as from various skin specialist, but was literally frustrated due to non-diagnosis of the problem. Within minutes of my appointment with Dr. Rishi, he diagnosed me with pompholyx (dyshidrolic eczema) with a delta sign on the prescription slip. I was impressed but not satisfied. Next two weeks were like turning point of my life and views towards the allopathic medicine. I owe a sincere thanks to Dr. Parashar. He indeed is a very knowledgeable doctor. - Vivek Sinha, New Delhi

He is an awesome doc...witty and excellent! - Rhythm, New Delhi